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Material  Category

  • Mn 13%, Mn 18%, Mn 22% (with or without chrome)
  • High chromium white irons: Cr 26%
  • Carbon Steel: As customers’ special request
  • High strength low alloy castings
  • Grey iron, Ductile iron
  • Ball mill liners: Mn and Cr-Mo steel
  • Alloy steels Various grades

CCT manganese and high chrome specification are set to offer the best possible wear life at competitive prices.


Quality control

advantages we have

  1. Set up a inspector on each process
  2. Keep all production records and testing sample for tracing 3 years
  3. Dimensional checking, PT test
  4. Perform under ISO 9001: 2008 strictly
  5. Provide a full set of inspection reports


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